I am a London based artist and have exhibited in several group shows. I studied Abstract Painting and Sculpture at Morley College, London (part-time from 2009 to 2018). My sculptures are abstractions of organic forms and involve experimental use of a wide range of materials. I follow an intuitive working process guided by the nature of materials, often pushing limits of their natural form and materiality into new boundaries. This has led me to realise unexpected qualities and conection with the work.

I am a University Lecturer in Interdisciplinary Health Studies in the Arts and Sciences Department at University College London. I have practised as an addiction specialist pharmacist for the NHS, a community pharmacist and worked in public health. My research involves developing health interventions to reduce alcohol harm in high- and low-resource countries, social prescribing, and health architecture.

I regularly apply the arts and participatory methods to my public health research. I am Deputy Chair of the Royal Society for Public Health’s Arts Health and Wellbeing Special Interest Group I founded the International Arts in Pharmacy Special Interest Group and co-lead the Neurodiversity In/& Creative Research Network. My art practice is an important source of inspiration and informs many aspecs of my research and teaching.


Made exhibition at Morley Gallery Lambeth, London  (2012, 2014 and 2016)

Shoreham Sculpture Trail, June 2017 by The London Group  (exhibition video)

Pullens Open Studios Iliffe Yard Gallery, London, SE17 (Dec 2017, Dec 2018, June 2019)

Pullens Exhibition, Art Academy London, SE17, December 2021